Trade on

1. Login to Kine exchange and deposit

Connect to Kine exchange

Metamask users can connect directly without registration. By clicking "Connect with Metamask", you will be asked to sign a message (no gas consumption) and you will be logged into within a few seconds.

"Balance" tab shows your assets in each account of the trading platform. Click "Deposit" to get your deposit address. You may transfer your kUSD to the given address, like most crypto exchanges. Your token balance will be updated after 12 blocks' confirmation.

USDT holder can also deposit and exchange USDT into kUSD as a simple alternative. Details here.

2. Start to trade

To start trading, transfer kUSD to Cross Margin account.

You may select asset, check its price movement and funding rates at the top-left section.

Check account equity, asset, debt, leverage liquidation price (Isolate mode asset only) and place order:

Check order history:

Account transfer history at "Balance" page.

3. Check platform realtime data

4. Join the Affiliate program

5. Enhance account security

6. Download app and scan to login

Currently only on Android

Scan QR code to login with app