Kine Stake & Farming in Polygon
You need to make the following preparations:
1. Install and set up the plug-in wallet MetaMask in the browser. For detailed instruction, please refer to
2. Switches to Polygon mainnet in the MetaMask (Tutorial for setting up Polygon mainnet:
3. Transfer the crypto currency assets available for mining and enough MATIC as a handling fee to your wallet (how to transfer assets to the MATIC chain qu-bsc/zhuan-yi-zi-chan-dao-bsc
Enter the following address on the browser:, log in to the official website and click to connect to the wallet
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Select MetaMask to connect, and click MetaMask "Switch to Polygon Mainnet" to switch successfully
The browser will pop up the MateMask page, asking the user to log in and select the wallet that needs authorization.
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After unlocking MetaMask and selecting the wallet to be authorized as prompted on the page, click "Next" and then click “Connect”.
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5. After successful connection, it’s shown in the figure
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II. How do users pledge their assets to mint KUSD?

As shown in the figure below, complete the "Enable" authorization, and "Add" to a certain digital asset as collateral (currently available pledge assets are BTC, MATIC, BNB, xKine (lock Kine to get xkine), BTC/ETH Quick LP , USDC/ETH Quick LP, MATIC/ETH Quick LP), "Stake" and "Mint" kUSD to achieve Kine token rewards.
How to burn kUSD and get back the collateral?

III. How to participate in liquidity pool mining on Polygon

You need to provide liquidity on QuickSwap before depositing the LP token in the Kine Farm pool. Firstly, enter to QuickSwap through your wallet. QuickSwap:
An Example of USDC/KINE:
The contract address of kUSD on Polygon: 0xd819D96f9D28Ea85C1DD78e66d7241134E8d4aB4
The contract address of KINE on Polygon: 0xbFa9dF9ed8805E657D0FeaB5d186c6a567752D7F
1. First, add USDC/KINE liquidity in the liquidity interface, click to select USDC token at the top, and click to select KINE at the bottom.
If KINE is not added to the token list, users need to manually copy the KINE Polygon contract address to search. Next, enter the amount of USDC to be added. The number of KINE tokens of the same value will be calculated below. (Note: The tokens need to be authorized to add liquidity for the first time. No authorization is required after that) Finally, click "supply" to pay the gas fee to add liquidity to obtain LP.
2. Return to Kine.Finance, switch to FARM, find the KINE-USDC mining pool, click ‘Deposit’ to deposit the KINE-USDC LP generated on QuickSwap. Click "Approve" in the pop-up window to authorize. Click "DEPOSIT" after paying the gas fee ". Complete the pledge after paying the gas fee.
3. To end the pledge, click "Withdraw". Continue to click "WITHDRAW" in the pop-up window. The pledge is released after paying the gas fee.
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